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2 August Results

Aug 2, 2018 | Posted by Rick Porritt

OK the results are in for the second to last week before the playoffs.  Smallest turnout this week (78), guess we are getting into holidays etc.  Results are:

Skins: All skins were won in each flight, see the main page for winners.

Team Play: Queens managed to win the extra money ($50) this week with a 179 total.  One team did not qualify and I think there were two players on this team (Leisure Days) who did not turn in score cards as I am sure I talk to them during the day.

Closests to the Pin:  Hole #3: Mike Moore      Hole #7: Brian Langille sleeve of balls are in the proshop

Low Gross/Net:  A Flight - Gross: Kevin Stark       Net - Brian Langille

                           B Flight - Gross: Tom Martineau    Net - Brian MacDonald

                           C Flight - Gross: Mel Douglas     Net: Bill Fielding

And the 50/50 winner was the Martineau Brothers (AGAIN!) for $172  money is in the proshop

Some observations as we move toward the playoffs:

> Please indicate the tees you are playing, the default is WHITE and this can be an advantage if you actually played GREEN, just need a W, G or Y beside your name on the card so the scores can be entered correctly in the proshop.

>As mentioned above I think at least two cards were not turned in which may have hurt one team. Also one card we had was not readable for the name and I asked around but no body recognized the card, again possibly hurting your team - please ensure your name is correct and readable.

See everyone next week for the wrap up of the round-robin before the playoffs start.....Rick


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