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Jul 6, 2018 | Posted by Rick Porritt

I hope everyone managed to find something to do this past Thursdays, some of us golfed elsewhere and at over 35'C it was a challange.  It looks as though the weather is going to ease off a bit, with lower temperatures in the forecast for next Thursday.

As previously mentioned, this week 21 July, I will be paying out for the first part of the season.  Skins will be paid in cash and I will have the envelopes with me all day.  Also I will have the club vounchers for team and individual gross and net payouts, however if your won less than $10 in the first half it will be carried over till the end of the year. This saves money and time for the club as a voucher for less than $10 takes time to produce and issue - don't worry I have your records.  If you have any concerns about what you have or have not won, talk to me on the 21st.  Finally all payouts have been rounded up to the nearest 25 cents, as I did not want to pay out nickels and dimes (and we don't have pennies anymore).  Remember also to get your free ticket for the wings and fries that the club house will be serving all day as part of the mid season special.  

There is now five weeks left in the round robin portion of the play and as we lost this past week I have extra prize money which I am going to distribute as $50 to the best team each week (we did this last year)  for the remainder of the round robin (ends 9 August).  The money will be added to your team account and paid out proportionally by participation at the end of the season.  

Going to now look at what we will do for playoffs and payouts for the remainder of the season, five weeks after 9 August.  The aim of course is to keep every team as competitive as long as possible and to ensure that the funds collected are paid back to the members.  I am off for holidays for the next two weeks and when I get back in August will publish the playoff format.  The final thing is that the wrap up day with hopefully maximium particiation is on Saturday 15 September - so mark that date on your calender as in past years we should have some good prizes and full meal after play.

Still looking for a volunteer to run the 50/50 day on 26 July.    See everyone on Thursday....Rick


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