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17 May First Day

May 20, 2018 | Posted by Rick Porritt

There were some problems with the skins calculations so there won't be any for this first week.  Below are the winnings for the first week, they will be put into your account and will be paid out later in July.  I did not do "count back" for ties the prize money was added and split as the do on "PGA Tour".  

The teams have now been drawn and are on the web-site, I will be giving out hats on Thursday and we have some good ones.  Our partners this year include: Hyundai, Subaru, Toyota, SNC-Lavalin Aviation, St Louis Grill (Hwy 15), Tim Hortons (Kingston), KIA, Investors Group, Leisure Ways, Boston Pizza and Queens (Medical) - support those you can as they are helping the league.

League play starts on Thursday and the teams are on the web site. 

Good golfing....Rick 

Prize money: $25 first, $15 second, $10 third and $5 fourth
for gross and net for each flight.
A FLIGHT Gross 1st Bob Ferguson $20
0-6 Hdcp   1st Mark McQuillan $20
20 players   3rd John Fairman $7.50
    3rd Gary Halleran $7.50
  Net 1st Shane Gordon $25
    2nd James May $10
    2nd Larry Murphy $10
    2nd Kevin Stard $10
B FLIGHT Gross 1st Rick Ward $25
7-9 Hdcp   2nd Bob Fisher $15
23 players   3rd John Sheridan $10
    4th Wayne Kelly $1.50
    4th Hugh Nelson $1.50
    4th Bob Browne $1.50
    4th John  Futtit $1.50
  Net 1st Ray Maher $14
    1st Glen MacGillivary $14
    1st Fritz Geris $14
    1st Tom Martineau $14
C FLIGHT Gross 1st Paul Farrow $25
10+ Hdcp   2nd Jim Roenspeiss $12.50
29 players   2nd Rich Raymond $12.50
    4th Larry Paziuk $2.00
    4th Brian Harris $2.00
    4th Rick Porritt $2.00
  Net 1st Will Geris $25
    2nd John Oscien $15
    3rd Roger Leblanc $7.50
    3rd Brian Downes $7.50


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