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Apr 21, 2018 | Posted by Rick Porritt

As promised at the AGM here are the full details for this years Garrison Men's League.

Team Events

There will be 12 teams of approximately 12 members each (depending on total sign ups).

There will be an 11 week round robin, with playoffs to follow.  Playoff format will be determined later so that changes can be made to accommodate rain outs or other problems that may arise.

Team score will be decided on best 6 rounds - 2 gross  and 4 net  

Each member of the winning team (6 teams each week), who played that week will receive $5 in prize money, with the points scored for the team going toward the overall team standings.

Individual Events

As in past years we will have a Closest to the Pin  on each par 3 for a sleeve of ProV1s, all players are eligible for this prize

There will be Skins   in 3 flights with $1 per player going into the skins pot, any not won in a week will be carried over to the next week.

New this year will be one low gross and one low net prize in each of the 3 flights for a $10 payout  each.



​Three categories:

Full Members - $135 ​for all 18 weeks, plus the final day, you are entered in both team and individual events

Part-time Members - $60 plus $5 each week you play​, you are entered in both team and individual events

Walk-on Players - This is category is for Serving Military Members and guest of league members, who may only be able to play for a few weeks over the summer due to work committments, or postings in/out.  They will pay $5 per week and be eligible for only Closest to the Pin, Skins and low Gross Prizes unless they have an established league handicap which will allow them to be elible for the low Net Prize as well.  This is a new idea and will be monitored to determine how it is working and maybe adjusted during the season.

Dale has the sign-up sheets in the pro-shop and will take the money from today onward 


1.  The weekly $5 entry fee must be paid before  you play or no prizes - no exceptions.

2.  Rules of play for the day must be followed: "lift clean and place" "play it down" etc.

3.  Player must play all season his initially designated tee either WHITE or GREEN  

4.  All putts must be made (no gimmes or takemes)

5.  Must play with at least one member of the golf club to ensure scores are verifiable


Meet'n'Greet is 3 May at 6:30 pm in the club house.

League play begins on Thursday 17 May and of course the round can be played any time that day.

Volunteers:  I am looking for two volunteers to help me on the days of play

​Once we are running I will be asking each team to run the 50/50 draws one week to assist me in the time it takes.  Remember the 50/50 draws are the extra we need to keep the league running so your support is vital.


If you have any questions please contact me: rporritt@kos.net.  Lets have a good season and see you at the Meet'n'Greet!                                                                                              


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