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Sep 15, 2017 | Posted by Howard Burleigh



Great day, weather could not have been better, 113 guys played, the competition was very interesting and I think everyone had a good day.


And at the end of it all we had a tie for top spot. Hyundai and Loyal Oarsman both ended up with a score of 211. To break the tie we used participation for the day. That broke it apart as Hyundai had 12 players yesterday. We kept saying that participation was important and in the end it was the critical factor.


So, in addition to winning the championship and having their names added to our newish league trophy the team will receive $1000, Loyal Oarsman will get $750, Boston Pizza $500 and Queens $250.


In section B Investors Grp by 1 point win $750 and Subaru will get $500


In section C Cowan, the surprise of the day, if not the year won $500. They were the lowest team of the day at 206 which is interesting because they started Thursday as the lowest rated team in the league, about 55 points behind the first placed team. Well done guys,


The KP'S were won by Rick Ward on number 3 and John Sheridan on number 7.

Skins were shared as follows: in the 0-5 group Jim Laudanski and Dennis Pennock each won $12.50, in 6-8 Sonny Mclean, Chris Ricketts won $10.25 eacha and Rick Ward with 2 won $20.50. The biggest skins winners, due to a carryover in the 9+ group were Bill Cadue and Jeff Jeffey who won $39.50 each. Congratulations to all.


And... the last 50/50 of the year was won  by GlennMcGiilivary who got $233. Thanks to those guys who supported this during the year. We have a good sized prize table tomorrow, approx. $4000 that was funded  by the 50/50. I know some guys do not believe in this and do not contribute but the funds do go a long way to the benefit af all the league members. Plus 17 different guys were pretty happy with what they won. Thanks again.


Have a good time tomorrow! The weather looks great and as of yesterday we have 118 people signed up to play. ENJOY.




The skins money for the second half of the year plus the team money, including the playoff winnings, will be available tomorrow


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