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The Party is almost over

Sep 13, 2017 | Posted by Howard Burleigh



Tomorrow is looking real good, the weather seems to be cooperating, and we are looking forward to our fiinal day of play and the crowning of a new league championship team.


Based on the total points from last week the sections are set up  as follows:


Section A playing for 4 cash prizes of $1000, $750, $500 and $250 are HYUNDAI, QUEENS, BOSTON PIZZA and LOYAL OARSMAN.


Section B playing for 2 cash prizes of $750 and $500 are INVESTORS GROUP, SUBARU, SNC-LAVALIN and SUTTON


Section C Playing for 1 cash prize of $500 are TOYOTA, ACCRA, COWAN, and LEISURE DAYS.


Please note - if there any ties for prizes we will break the ties with participation points from tomorrow and if still tied by participation points from the total year. And all team money will be shared based on participation points, as we have done the last two years


Plus we will have skins and KP'S.


The only downside to tomorrow will be that we cannot record the results on our system by section. You should be able to see total team points but we will have to finalize the results manually and send you all an email.


Hope you all have a good or great day. HAVE FUN.


Finally tomorrow will be the last day to sign up for our closing tournament on Saturday. There will be a prize table of approx. $4000. 

When you register we will ask you to pay $10 for the day. $5 will go into skins for the day and $5 will go into a  cash pot for a draw for a "winner take all". You will have to pay to play for these prizes.


See you tomorrow.




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