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Aug 16, 2017 | Posted by Howard Burleigh



Hope you all  got me email earlier today. Sorry for the late distribution of the information.


This week Accra will play Hyundai, Cowan will play Investors Grp., Boston Pizza vs Leisure Days. Loyal Oarsman vs Toyota, Queens vs Sutton and SNC-Lavalin vs Subaru.


Right now Investors Grp and Loyal Oarsman are tied at the top of the league. We are getting close to starting some playdowns and participation points continue to be important and a difference maker. Hope our attendance continues to be strong through this month.


We have had a good year so far. Only  a few "issues" to sort out and generally everyone has played within the rules and demonstrated the integrity  we need to ensure everyone and every team is treated fairly. And it has been a fun year with healthy competition and good sportsmanship.


An issue has been brought to my attention that I have wrestled with on how to deal with  this late in the year. It seems simple enough - at the start of the year each player had the chance and the choice of what tees they wanted to play for the year. The rules were and still are that you play the same tees every Thursday that you started the year on.

The issue as explained to me is that at least one player who plays from the white tees moves up to the green tees on #5, and likely does the same thing on #16. I will follow up to confirm, or not, if this true. I hope it is not true but it needs to be sorted out.


It is simple enough - if you play the white tees you must play the white tees on EVERY hole. It is not your right or choice to do anything different.


There are only a few weeks left in the regular season and we want everyone to enjoy the experience but everyone needs to play with the same rules.


See you tomorrow.




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