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Great Day(almost) Last week - Great Day this week

Aug 9, 2017 | Posted by Howard Burleigh



We had a super turnout last week (110), we had super weather, we had great wings, we paid out skins money for the first 9 weeks and we distributed the team winnings for the first 10 weeks.


The only disappointment was the person(people) who moved the white tees up to the green tees on #11. This gave them and the following players an unfair advantage over the rest of the field. We know the general time frame when it happened but other than that don't know why and don't know who. All I do know is that it was pretty sad behaviour, pretty immature and disappointing. If a sleeve of balls is that important to you please come and see me.


Now - this week. Accra vs Cowan, Boston Pizza vs Hyundai, Investors Grp. vs Toyota, Lesiure Days vs Sutton, Loyal Oarsman vs Subaru and Queens vs SNC-Lavalin.


This is week twelve ( out of 18 total) so we are starting to think about playoff structures. We will let you know in the next few days how it will be set up. We are trying to set up a system that gives all teams a chance at winning for as long as we can.


The kitchen is closed this week! Your alternative is get a burger and fries or onion rings on the patio. And this is a great alternative. Many of the guys have said that Judy and her gang have the best burgers and the best fries plus onion wings around. I have had them myself a few times and they are fabulous. Give them a try if you are hungry.


This is normally the time of year that attendance drops quite a bit because of vacations and other personal plans. We hope you will make a special effort to get out if you can to support yor team. If you check the standings you will see that the participation points are making a difference.


Hope to see you tomorrow.






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