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Wing Night this Thursday

Jul 31, 2017 | Posted by Howard Burleigh



This week we will be providing a meal for all the members of the Men's League sponsored by the 50/50. It will be Wings and fries or Wings and salad. You will need to get a ticket for the meal ( NO TICKET NO MEAL) from us on Thursday. We will be available on the patio throughout the day and the meal will be available starting at 11am. There is only one choice, the wings, so that we can provide the meal throughout the day.


When you come to get your 50/50 we will give you a separate ticket at that time. Also- when you come to see us on the patio we will be distributing the skins money for the first nine weeks. There have been quite a few winners so far.


The games this weeks are - Accra vs Boston Pizza, Cowan vs Toyota, Hyundai vs Sutton, Investors Grp. vs Subaru, Leisure Days vs SNC-Lavain and Loyal Oarsman vs Queen.


In case you are wondering the games last week counted in the standings and for the prizes. It was a challenge but we had 80 guys make the effort to get their games in so we thought it was right to make it count. Three teams did not have enough players to count even though we reduced the minimum to 1 and 4. It was unfortunate ( my team was one of the three) but we felt it was the correct thing to do. One team actually had 11 players out so there was a real range - the lowest was 2 players.


Hopefully we are going to have a better day this week - the forecast is good - and we all have a good time.


See you Thursday,



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