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Half the year will be over

Jul 19, 2017 | Posted by Howard Burleigh

Hi Guys,


Tomorrow is our ninth day or half way. It is hard to believe a little because we have had so many "iffy" days but it really has gone quickly and really kinda smoothly.


Tomorrow the forecast is that it "may" rain around 5 so we should get it in.


The matchups are as follows:

Accra vs Sutton, Subaru vs Toyota, Boston Pizza vs SNC - Lavalin, Cownd vs Queens, Hyundai vs Loyal Oarsman and Investors Grp. vs Leisure Days.


Right now Investors Group is in 1st place closely followed by Loyal Oarsman. The difference is 2 participation points.The standing will be posted on the board tomorrow for you to see. It is also on the club website.


Just a heads up. We are trying to plan a "mid-year" meal for the league which will either be next week or the week after. AT that time we will aslo do our first payouts to all the skins winners and share the team money that has been won to date. REMEMBER the team money is shared amongst all the team members based on participation. That means that if you played more than others on your team you get a slightly bigger share of the pot.


Finally - I want you all to start thinking about next year and if you are interested in running the league. I am lucky that we have three guys, Peter Jarvis, Rick Porritt and myself who have done it now for two years. We need some guys to step up for 2018 because as much fun as it is we want to hand it over and just be "members". I believe that sooner or later everyone should be willing to volunteer some time.We will gladly help out to the new guys.

Things have gone pretty well over the last fours years and it would be good to keep the momentum up. John Oscien rescued the league four years ago and got it back on track. Before that it was a bit of a disaster and headed for extinction. We have tweaked it a bit since then and there is still room for it to get better. Maybe you have some ideas that would improve it further.  The key for you, as it was for us, is to remember that it is a league for "everyone", that you can't make everyone happy and that if you can make 90+% happy you have done a great job. Give it some thought and if you are interested come talk to us about the league and what it takes. In my two years I have only had maybe 3 real issues to deal with - the rest has been good times dealing with good people. Think about it.


See you tomorrow,




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