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And a Great week it was

Jul 10, 2017 | Posted by Howard Burleigh



Sorry for the late update but family came first. I had my grandkids for the week and then I had to go to a Blue Jays game with them. Life is tough but we got through it.


Last Thursday was a fabulous day. The weather cooperated, 115 guys came out to play and SNC-Lavalin (my team) was the low team for the week. I couldn't have asked for much better.


Lavalin won the $50 bonus for the low score and also added $45 to their team pot. The other winning teams added money as follows - Subaru $40, Sutton $55, Leisure Days $30, Investors Group $55 and Cowan $50.

You may have noticed that Lesiure Days won their first game of the year and did it with only six players.


The skins were interesting. In the 0-5 group we had a carry over for the previous week so Michael Moore, Wayne Chaisson and Ken Thompson all won $18.65, In the 6-8 group Ted Burgess and Peter Gaudet won $18 each and the big winner of the week, Bill Gorham in the 9+ group won $49. Congrats to you all.

The KP winners John Kinnear on #3 and Eric Stevens on #7 have already received their sleeve of Prov's

And finally Peter Johns won the 50/50 and $209. Interesting story about this is that Peter bought a second set of 50/50 tickets when he finished his front nine and one of those tickets was the winner. You just never know.


A couple of interesting facts, at least to me, is that we have had 14 different KP winners so far and 42 different skins winners through the first 7 weeks. This seems to be pretty spread out and is nice to see.

Finally I need some help from you so that I don't have to get all "OFFICIAL". It has been mentioned that some guys are not playing the ball down and putting them all out. This is not fair nor right to the rest of the field. Whether you personally agree with this rule, or not, these are the rules we have set for the entire field of players and you have to comply. We like to think that the game of golf is a game played with integrity and is self regulated so that we don't have to be "OFFICIAL". Please comply as if we have determined you have not we will have to disqualify you for the weeka nd this could affect your team. And, plaes pay your $5 weekly payment before you play. I realize that it is easy sometimes to forget but if it happens we will not be able to include your score for the week and again this could affect you team.

And, you cannot trade in the balls you win for a KP for a different make at the Proshop. Somebody who won some balls on #7 this year has traded them and should not have done so. We have the KP balls marked to show the League info and the hole they were won on so they cannot be resold by the proshop. Thanks.


Hope you have a good week this week and that we have another great Thursday.





Posted by: Ed Johnson | Jul 11, 2017 07:32 PM

Howard......could you please verified that my birdie on hole #3 was recorded on 6 Jul 17 my score was recorded wrong when I arrived in clubhouse and I went to John to adjust. But I'am not sure he recorded my birdie. thks ed.


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