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Size Does Matter

Jun 30, 2017 | Posted by Howard Burleigh



Interesting day yesterday. It rained, it stopped, it rained, it stopped, it rained and then it finally stopped for good. But too late for a lot of guys.


At the same time we still had 73 dedicated?? players come out and get their games in through the rain drops for many. So we had to make an adjustment in the scoring approach to show proper respect for everyone who made the effort. To do this we changed the scores that counted down to 1 gross score and 3 nets. If not we would have had two teams that would not have counted at all because they were below the normal threshold of 6 players.


The results then are :


The low team score of the week goes to Investors Group who will get the $50 bonus addded to their team pot along with $40 for their win (8*$5). They also had the most players out yesterday at 8 so they had more to choose from so the size of th team participation did seem to matter in a good way.

Also Accra won $35, Loyal Oarsman won $35, Subaru won $25, Hyundai won $30 and Boston Pizza won $30.

Congratualtions to all these teams and thanks to evreryone for showing up.


The KP's were won by Scott Allward on #11 and Mike Moore on #13. A sleeve of Prov's is in the proshop for you.

The skins were a little sparse this week compared to last week - none, nada, zero skins in the 0-5 group, 3 in the 6-8 group so Ted Burgess, Doug MacCallum and Hugh Nelso won $7 each and in the 9+ group Steve Gallant, Brian Harris and Steve Penny won $8.65 each. Congrats. The money in the 0-5 group ($26) will be carried over to next week.


And finally, not the least but the most Rod Cochran won $140 in the 50/50. He has already received the money which I hope he is spending wisely.


Not the best week but we got through it and those that came actually had a good day.




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