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Pretty Good Day

Jun 23, 2017 | Posted by Howard Burleigh



The weather more than cooperated even though it wasn't supposed to in the afternoon. 109 players showed up and got their game in, including one who showed up at 5:30. Thanks to everyone.


The big winner of the week ws Subaru who went low at 206 and as a result won the $50 team bonus and another $40 for their team account. They only had 8 players show up and for the longest time did not look as they would even have enough to qualify with the minimum of 6. Fortunately for them they had two late players who were very good.


The other teams who won, and have money added to their accounts are Investors Grp with $55,(11*5), Queens with $50 Boston Pizza with $50 Loyal Oarsman with $40. We also had our first tie game between Cowan and Sutton who will get $2.50 per player. Cowan will get $25 and Sutton will get $22.50.


The KPs were won by Doug MacPherson on #3 and John Lynch on #7. There will be a sleeve of Provs for each of you in the proshop tomorrow.


Skins were ineresting - Lots of them in two groups and only one in the other. Congratulations to Ted Nurse who won $44 as the only skin in the 9+ group. In the 0-5 group there were a total of 5 skins worth $6.60 each. Wayne Chaisson had 2 so he gets $13.20 and Jeff Kyle, John Lynch and Dennis Pennock will each get $6.60. Finally in the 6-8 group there were a total of 7 skins which obviously means we had a winner on almost every hole. They were worth $4.55 each. Gotta share the wealth! Ken Goodland had 2 skins so he gets $9.10 and then Rich Gallagher, Tom Lalande, Yves Leroux, Doug MacPherson,  and Wade Murray get $4.55 each. Congratulations.


The 50/50 was also a big winner for the league and the guy who won. Congratulations to John Futtit who won $220. Thanks to all who supported this. A big thanks as well to Rick Porritt and Peter Jarvis who put in a lot of time and effort to build the pot.


A couple of things to remember:


1) Please make sure you put your full name and the colour of the tees you played on your score card. Also please total your score.

2) Even if you are not playing with a member of the mens league that can be ok as long as the guys you are playing with are either members of the club or are regular golfers who know the rules of the game. The only restriction is that you cannot play alone.

3) We had one player show up at 5:30 last week and we let him play this time. The"rule" is that you have to play by 5 or before. The simple reason is that the committee members wait until the last players move through the KP holes before they pick up the KP pins. We like you all very much but... it starts to get real late when the tee offs are "late". Having said that if you have a problem you know in advance please talk to one of us.


Ok - done for now. Again our thansk to everyone who showed up. It was a good day.




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