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Thanks for coming out

Jun 5, 2017 | Posted by Howard Burleigh



I wasn't here but I understand it wasn't the most pleasant day last Thursday. ( Where I was it was sunny and 75). We still had 119 guys make the effort and got out to play. Good for you and thanks for your commitment.


The big winner was the Boston Pizza team who had the low score for the week at 214. They won their game and had 10 guys play so we will add $100 to their team account plus the $50 bonus for the low team score. ( If you rememeber and/or read the blogs form last week we doubled the weekly prize form $5 per player to $10 per player because we missed the week before).


The following teams also won their games and will get $10 per player added to their team accounts - Hyundai $100, Loyal Oarsman $120, Queens $100, Subaru $90 and Investors Group $90. Well done guys.


The KP'S were won by Bob Ferguson on #3 and Bill Soros on #7. Bob has already got his sleeve of Prov's and a sleeve was left in the proshop for Bill.


The skins were interesting- there were none in 0-5 group so $31 is carried over to this week, in the 6-8 group there were 4 which means Bob Browne with 2 gets $22 and Bob Ferguson and Gary Halleran get $11 each , and in the 9+ group Rick Johnson got $14.30 plus Enzo Rizzi gets $28.60 for his two skins. Well done guys.

We finally got the 50/50 off the ground due to the determination and dedication of Rick Porritt and Peter Jarvis. The big winner of $165 was our fine chef Shawn who has supporetd the 50/50 for quite a few years now. Congratulations.


We had 3 more guys join the Men's League last week to we are quietly closing in on 140 players ( 138 right now) and many teams have 12 players. We may still get a few more before we are done. We have added them to teams to try and keep them balanced. We calculate the average team handicaps of the all the players on each team.

I will post the games for this week shortly but for now I just want to congratulate those that came out last week and say thank you for your support.






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