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Pray for Better Weather

May 30, 2017 | Posted by Howard Burleigh



Last week was a washout as you know and the weather forecast for this Thursday is "iffy" at best. So..... you should use whatever karma and/or superstitions you have to find us a good day.


The matchups are as follows:


Accra vs Hyundai, Investors Grp vs Cowan Ins., Leisure Days vs Boston Pizza, Loyal Oarsman vs Toyota, Queens vs Sutton and SNC-Lavalin vs Subaru.


Unforunately for some guys their scores etc. from last week do not count for anythng except practice. Sorry.


While we could not play it did not stop some new guys from signing up. We added 7 and lost one so we are now up to 135 players. At the opening day tournament I also had another person indicate they want to join but I don't have their details yet. With all the additional sign ups, which is a good thing, we have had to keep looking at the teams before we add the new players to try and keep them balanced. We actually calculate the average handicap by team and compare them. When we move some players around it is to try and keep this balance. Appreciate your patience and cooperation as we do this.

On a brighter side we were asked if we wanted to sell the 50/50 tickets during the opening day tournament and of course we jumped at the chance. The net result is that Bill Cadue is $225 richer and the Men's League is $225 better off. Thanks to all.

I will be away this week but Peter and Rick will be available to answer questions, give out hats and maybe even sell 50/50 tickets.


Once we get the teams settled down we will then identify the team captains, Anyone who is interested in this please let one of us know.


Hope you have a good day Thursday.




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