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We Had a Few Brave(?) Souls Yesterday

May 26, 2017 | Posted by Howard Burleigh



For most of us yesterday was a wash out. If you played in the early morning you likely got your nine holes in, maybe even 18, but if you tried later you were not so lucky. A few brave souls went out around noon hour, braved the rain, and got nine in but after that it poured.


So - we had to cancel the day. A total of 37 guys finished their nine but it obviously wasn't enough. Interesting though was that two teams, who were playing one another, had enough guys show up so that  it could have been  "official". Some guys who played (18) paid their $5 for the day. They won't have to pay next week but they will still need to check in at the proshop


At the same time during the last week we have had several guys join the league, including two returnees who joined yesterday. We are up to 135. As a result we have had to make some changes and move a few guys to "balance" the teams. We actually calculate the average handicaps for each team and we are doing our best to keep it as close as we can. It is not perfect but it looks pretty good. If we have a couple more guys sign up we will fit them in to keep it a fair as we can.


We still have a number of team hats to give out and now a couple of changes which we will be doing next Thursday.


Hope to see all of you on tomorrow at the opening.

And finally, last year we had great weather but so far 2017 is proving to be a challenge so pray for good weather going forward. Just a reminder, - whatever money we take in during the year we will pay back out to the members in prizes, cash etc.




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