Welcome to the Men's League 2017 Season

Week Number 2

May 24, 2017 | Posted by Howard Burleigh



We had a very good first week with a total of 113 people playing for their teams.

At the same time the league is continuing to take shape as we had about 9 new people sign up last week, many of them on Thursday. We currently have 134 guys signed up and we may have a few more come forward this week. Just like the actual golf season it has been a slow and funny start up but we are getting real close. I am adding these new players carefully to try and keep the teams as balanced as possible so please be a little patient if you can as we get this finalized.


We were able to hand out a bunch of the team hats last Thursday but there are still some to distribute. If you didn't get yours we will be there again tomorrow so look for us when you get to the course.


This weeks match ups are as follows:


Accra vs Cowan, Hyundai vs Boston Pizza, Investos vs Toyota, Leisure Days vs Sutton, Loyal Oarsman vs Subarua and Queens  vs SNC-Lavalin. Good luck to you all. Remember everyone counts for participation points.


A couple of things - put your full name on the scorecard and the colour of the tees you play to help the proshop when they enter the scores. Also make sure you putt everything out and we are playing summer rules so play everything down ( no tipping or moving the ball). As always we count on you to self regulate and follow these few rules.


We will try and start up the 50/50 tomorrow so please look for us on the veranda before or after you play. Every bit helps the league so we want to see if we can make this work. Thanks.


See you tomorrow and good luck.




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