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Finally starting

May 17, 2017 | Posted by Howard Burleigh



We are finally going to have a chance to get this going.


The teams are set, hopefully for good, but we are still having a number of guys signing up. To balance the teams as best we can we will adjust, if necessary, depending on who signs up. The list will be on the boards beside the proshop tomorrow morning.  Hats will be available.

A number of people gave me their names or they left it at the proshop and we have put you on a team but you need to pay before you play tomorrow. Remember it is cash and if you are doing the $60 + $5 option you need to pay both. The proshop will have a list.

 Simple rules - the same as last year but I want to remind you of a couple just in case. 1) PUTT them all out! 2) Choose your tees, mark that on your scorecard so the proshop knows, and then play those tees for the rest of the year so choose wisely. and 3) You should play with another league member but if this is not possible you have to play with another club member of registered player.


There will be skins and KPS tomorrow. The skins will be based on the same schedule as last year until we get a final list 0-5, 6-8 and 9+. The ideas is to have an equal number of players in each pool.


The games tomorrow are:

Accra vs Boston Pizza, Cowan  vs Toyota, Hyundai vs Sutton, Investors vs Subaru, Lesiure vs SNC Lavalin and finally Loyal Oarsman vs Queens. Good luck to all.


The winners of each game will get $5 for each team member who plays. The money will go into a "team Pot" to be paid out later. And the lowest team of the week will get a $50 bonus paid to their team pot.


And, the kitchen will be open!


See you tomorrow. Hope for lots of sun to go with the expected warm weather.





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