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May 7, 2017 | Posted by Howard Burleigh



It would seem that the weather has dampened a lot of things so far this year, including the activity at the course. I think many people have not been to the course very much, some not at all, because it has been wet, cool and closed for a few days.

So far this has also affected our Men's League and the sign ups so far. Ever the optomist I hope we are going to be able to start this coming Thursday, May 11th.

 We had our meet and greet last Thursday, May 4th and we only had about 50 people come out. Not bad considering the weather and the ongoing resistance to coming to the course but it also means we are delayed  in getting everyone signed up. We want to make up the teams for this week and we will wait until the last minute to do this so that we include everyone.


So... if you haven't signed up and plan on being part of the league try to get to the club before Wednesday to sign up. It is $135 for the full year or $60 plus $5 each week. This has to be cash, or cheque, please.


The league will be 12 teams again. We have changed the format a bit so that we have  a single 12 team league. This means we will have 6 games every week and we will pay out all six winnning teams. There will also be a $50 bonus to the low team for the week. Like last year we will accummulate team pots of the winnings and then distribute the money based on participation. There will still be KP"s and skins every week. The changes we made were based on input we got from the survey and comments or suggestions that the guys gave us.


Hope to see you soon.




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