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Almost there - Key Dates

Apr 18, 2017 | Posted by Howard Burleigh



It is getting closer - the Annual AGM is this weekend and the course opens on Sunday.


And I say that it is about time!


Regarding the Men's League - we are getting organized for our start as well.


The most immediate key dates you should be aware of are our Meet and Greet and the start of the League.


The Meet and Greet will be on May 4th at the golf course starting at 6:30

The FIRST night of Men's League will be on May 11th


We will explain everything to you about the league in three different ways to get you informed as best we can. Rick Porritt will be making a short presentation this weekend at the AGM, we will have much more details at the Meet & Greet on May4th and we will also try to keep this blog page current with information.


Some information to get started:


We will have a single 12 team league this year.

We had 153 league members last year and hope to have the same or more

There will be 18 weeks in the schedule which will end in September.

You get to choose the tees you want to play from.


The fees will be $135 CASH if you pay the full amount up front or $60 CASH up front and then $5 per week. This is $10 more than last year.

The reason for that is because we cannot sell 50/50 tickets the same way as last year and therefore we are not sure how much we can earn over the year. ( Last year the members paid $18.2k in dues and we paid out $22.9K in prizes, food, cash etc. The difference of well over $4.5K was made up from the 50/50. So it is important) We are still going to sell tickets every week but it is going to be more difficult because the proshop staff cannot sell them for us.


The sign up sheets will be in the proshop starting on Saturday. Remember you have to pay CASH or by cheque.

When you sign up please make sure you give us your email address. We can then try to make sure we give you better information updates during the year and we your team captain can also contact you.


See you soon.






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