Welcome to the Men's League 2017 Season

May 26, 2017 | Posted by Howard Burleigh

We Had a Few Brave(?) Souls Yesterday



For most of us yesterday was a wash out. If you played in the early morning you likely got your nine holes in, maybe even 18, but if you tried later you were not so lucky. A few brave souls went out around noon hour, braved the rain, and got nine in but after that it poured.


So - we had to cancel the day. A total of 37 guys finished their nine but it obviously wasn't enough. Interesting though was that two teams, who were playing one another, had enough guys show up so that  it could have been  "official". Some guys who played (18) paid their $5 for the day. They won't have to pay next week but they will still need to check in at the proshop


At the same time during the last week we have had several guys join the league, including two returnees who joined yesterday. We are up to 135. As a result we have had to make some changes and move a few guys to "balance" the teams. We actually calculate the average handicaps for each team and we are doing our best to keep it as close as we can. It is not perfect but it looks pretty good. If we have a couple more guys sign up we will fit them in to keep it a fair as we can.


We still have a number of team hats to give out and now a couple of changes which we will be doing next Thursday.


Hope to see all of you on tomorrow at the opening.

And finally, last year we had great weather but so far 2017 is proving to be a challenge so pray for good weather going forward. Just a reminder, - whatever money we take in during the year we will pay back out to the members in prizes, cash etc.



May 24, 2017 | Posted by Howard Burleigh

Week Number 2



We had a very good first week with a total of 113 people playing for their teams.

At the same time the league is continuing to take shape as we had about 9 new people sign up last week, many of them on Thursday. We currently have 134 guys signed up and we may have a few more come forward this week. Just like the actual golf season it has been a slow and funny start up but we are getting real close. I am adding these new players carefully to try and keep the teams as balanced as possible so please be a little patient if you can as we get this finalized.


We were able to hand out a bunch of the team hats last Thursday but there are still some to distribute. If you didn't get yours we will be there again tomorrow so look for us when you get to the course.


This weeks match ups are as follows:


Accra vs Cowan, Hyundai vs Boston Pizza, Investos vs Toyota, Leisure Days vs Sutton, Loyal Oarsman vs Subarua and Queens  vs SNC-Lavalin. Good luck to you all. Remember everyone counts for participation points.


A couple of things - put your full name on the scorecard and the colour of the tees you play to help the proshop when they enter the scores. Also make sure you putt everything out and we are playing summer rules so play everything down ( no tipping or moving the ball). As always we count on you to self regulate and follow these few rules.


We will try and start up the 50/50 tomorrow so please look for us on the veranda before or after you play. Every bit helps the league so we want to see if we can make this work.The proshop does not want this inside so we are trying to adjust our approach but we need to rely on you to be looking for us. Thanks.


See you tomorrow and good luck.



May 19, 2017 | Posted by Howard Burleigh

And we are off



We got off to a pretty start yesterday. The weather was great, there were lots of guys out to play and everyone seem to have a great day. Some of the players were pretty good too. We had  a low gross of 33 by Wayne Chaisson and a low net of 29 by an unnamed individual. There were a couple of net 30's and a few 31's as well so some guys were really into it out there.


During the day we had 6 guys sign up and a few others who said they were seriously considering it. We aassigned them to teams to even out the "numbers", mindul of handicaps etc. But when all the names are in we will have another look to make sure, as best we can. that the teams are balanced based on average handicaps. Right now we have 133 guys signed up which is a big change from a couple of weeks ago at the meet and greet when we had less than 90.


Last night the big winners were Loyal Oarsman who had the low team score for the week and also won their game against Queens. Congratulations guys and as a result we will put the weekly $50 low team bonus into your team account plus $5 for each guys who played which was 10 so that was another $50. Boston Pizza, Cowan, Sutton, Investors Group and SNC-Lavalin also won their games and we will put $5 for each of their players into their team accounts.


There were a toal of 9 skins last night. At one point it looked like we only had one or two but once I fixed the "clitch" in the software it spread them out into the right flights. In 0-5 Danny Gagnon., Larry Murphy and Allan Waldron won $12 each, in the 6-8 group Brian Mondoux, Matthew Newton and John Riddell won $11.33 each and in the 9+ category Jocelyn Girard, Rick Porritt and Sid Richardson won $13 each. Well done guys.


The KP'S were won by Fritz Gerris on number #3 and Danny Gagnon on number #7. Hole #7 was the most interesting as Brian Mondoux was in there about a foot away all day( he might have even been the first guy on #7 yesterday) and then was beaten by Danny who was about 8 inches. There will be a sleeve of ProV's in the proshop for Fritz and Danny tomorrow.


All in all not a bad start. I would appreciate your patience as we get all the last minute admin stuff sorted out with the new players etc. but I think we are in pretty good shape.


One disappoinment was the fact that we could not run the 50/50 like we have done in past year. The club management has taken a position that we cannot sell the tickets in the proshp like we have done for years. They advised us of that on Tuesday night so that was why we did not have it available yesterday. Lots of guys were trying to but tickets which we appreciate but we have to regroup and figure out how/if we can handle this going forward. The extra money from the 50/50 is important in funding prizes, food etc. We will keep you advised


A long note but a good start.


Talk to you soon,



May 17, 2017 | Posted by Howard Burleigh

Finally starting



We are finally going to have a chance to get this going.


The teams are set, hopefully for good, but we are still having a number of guys signing up. To balance the teams as best we can we will adjust, if necessary, depending on who signs up. The list will be on the boards beside the proshop tomorrow morning.  Hats will be available.

A number of people gave me their names or they left it at the proshop and we have put you on a team but you need to pay before you play tomorrow. Remember it is cash and if you are doing the $60 + $5 option you need to pay both. The proshop will have a list.

 Simple rules - the same as last year but I want to remind you of a couple just in case. 1) PUTT them all out! 2) Choose your tees, mark that on your scorecard so the proshop knows, and then play those tees for the rest of the year so choose wisely. and 3) You should play with another league member but if this is not possible you have to play with another club member of registered player.


There will be skins and KPS tomorrow. The skins will be based on the same schedule as last year until we get a final list 0-5, 6-8 and 9+. The ideas is to have an equal number of players in each pool.


The games tomorrow are:

Accra vs Boston Pizza, Cowan  vs Toyota, Hyundai vs Sutton, Investors vs Subaru, Lesiure vs SNC Lavalin and finally Loyal Oarsman vs Queens. Good luck to all.


The winners of each game will get $5 for each team member who plays. The money will go into a "team Pot" to be paid out later. And the lowest team of the week will get a $50 bonus paid to their team pot.


And, the kitchen will be open!


See you tomorrow. Hope for lots of sun to go with the expected warm weather.




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