Welcome to the Men's Night 2015 Season

Sep 16, 2015 | Posted by Foxwood

Playoffs?!? You Talkin' Bout Playoffs???

     It's time to grow your beards boys cause we're headin’ to the Post Season!


League Playoffs  -  Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the format?

A: The format of our Playoffs is similar to the FedExCup format, yet is still accompanied by the participation points.  Simply stated, each team competes against the other teams for a piece of the weekly purse, which is represented by points.  The lower your team's score, the more points your team will earn for that particular week.


Q: What happens to the points my team earned during the regular season?

A: Teams will start the playoffs with the same number of points they accumulated during the Regular Season.


Q: How are the points distributed during the playoffs?

1st...      22 Points

2nd...     18 Points  

3rd...      14 Points  

4th...      10 Points

5th...        6 Points

6th...        2 Points

*  The points will increase each week of the playoffs


Q: Will participation still count?

A: Absolutely! Participation Points will be added to the Performance Points listed above.


Q: What does it all mean, man?

A: The team in 1st place the conclusion of the Playoffs will be our League Champions!  A distinction that admittedly carries little weight out in the real world.  Beyond that, not a whole hell of a lot.


Q: How long will the playoffs run?

A: The playoffs will run for three weeks - Wednesday Sept. 16th, Wednesday Sept. 23rd, and Wednesday Sept. 30th.


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Sep 16, 2015 | Posted by foxwood

starting playoff points

Mens League Playoff Standings


  1. Foot Wedge for Par – 330 pts
  2. Da Gators – 305 pts.
  3. Sultans of Swing  - 284 pts.
  4. The Habs  - 262 pts.
  5. Putt for Dough – 245 pts.
  6. Tee Party 2015 – 199 pts.

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Playoffs start this week

Mens League Playoffs (Fed Ex Cup)


Teams will enter the playoffs with the points received for regular season play. There is no head to head matchups in the playoffs. Your team will receive points based on total team score against all teams 1-6. In rounds #1 and #2 the points will be allocated as follows: 1st-2500 , 2nd-1750 , 3rd-1000 , 4th-750 , 5th-550 , 6th-500. The Final Round Points will be 1st-3000 , 2nd-2000 , 3rd-1500 , 4th-1000 , 5th-750 , 6th-550.

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Just a final notice to all guys who may have missed last week or wasnt informed. This Wednesday will be antoher mens league shotgun starting at 6pm. Please call the club or email. gwl.brad@gmail.com to sign up if you have not already done so .



Posted by: Brad Maddigan | Aug 19, 2015 09:34 PM

For anyone who has not heard, golf tomorrow at Guelph has been postponed until August 27.

Canada Day mens league

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2015 Men's Night

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Men's Night Sponsors:

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Dan Lemieux: 519-574-8563


Winners for the week


Low Team

Putt for Dough - 163



Low Gross

Rob Kaus - 33 (-2)

Brad Maddigan - 36 ( 1)

Roger Underwood - 37 (2)



Low Net

Doug Brezina - 29

Nico Euteneier - Ludwig - 30

Ryan Shoemaker - 31

Scott Barker - 31



Closest to the Pin


Mike Binkley

Rob Kaus

Weather on course
13℃ / Fog
Full Forcast