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Jul 20, 2020 | Posted by Anonymous Author

Babkirk Jars a 6 Iron!

Another busy day at Erie Shores Golf Club with 102 players teeing it up in the Leamington Canadian Tire Men’s Thursday Night League.   Kevin Babkirk led the way firing the lowest score so far this season with a two under par 34 on the long and more difficult back nine.  That superb score also gave Kevin the lowest net round of the week with a seven under par net 29.

Kirk Bowman and Brian Turner tied for second in the handicap division with their net six under par rounds of 30, which was two better than the four under par net 32’s scored by Peter Reimer, Greg Zimney and Wray Pollock.  Finishing another stroke back with net 33’s was a busload of players including Dan Musuronchan, Carl Grossi, Mike Diab, Ted Dube, Terry McLaughlin, Derek Horop, Gary Bondy and Geoff Dunmore.

Getting back to the impressive low gross scores of others in the field, Wray Pollock, Neil Sawatzky and Greg Zimney all managed to shoot even par rounds of 36, while Geoff Dunmore, Kevin Sawatzky, Ward Hutchins, Ryan Harder and Hayden Hodgson were another couple of strokes back with two over par 38’s.

In the skins competition, Kevin Babkirk completed the rare triple play by making a birdie 3 on the 11th hole and an additional eagle 2 on the 14th hole.  Other skins winners included Neil Sawatzky, Phil Cornies, Derek Horop, Dan Musuronchan and Brian Turner.

In the total tally so far this season, Neil Sawatzky stands alone in first with $75 in skins with Hayden Hodgson in second spot with $52.  Wayne Gillet, Kevin Babkirk and Lucas Raffoul are tied for third with $45, while Ward Hutchins and Greg Dunmore are next with $30 a piece.

In team play, the Foot Wedge Crew had a 20 point night to jump ahead of The Bogey Men’s 93 by a single point with their new total of 94.  Alone in third place with 90 points is Mulligan Island.  Rounding out the top six, the Cinderella Story stands in fourth spot with 86 which is one better than the teams of Complete & Putter Madness and Par Then Bar who are tied at 85 points.

Jul 13, 2020 | Posted by Anonymous Author

Dunmore Dunks!

Despite scorching heat conditions, the perfectly manicured course was packed as usual with close to 90% participation in the Leamington Canadian Tire Men’s Thursday Night League at Erie Shores which, on this day, featured a spectacular hole-in-one by Greg Dunmore on the long 221 yard par three 13th hole.   Playing with Bill Kelly, Todd Hodgson and Bill Ruiter, Greg used his driver to fade a perfectly hit shot into the cup for an ace on a hole that, record-wise, is the second hardest par three to allow such feats at Erie Shores. 

Well, that is, except for the Dunmore family which have sort of made the 13th a hole-in-one tradition over the years.   Back on August 3, 1972,  Greg’s father Don Dunmore started it all on the 13th hole at a time when it didn’t even have an elevated tee box.  Don’s daughter-in-law, Debbie Dunmore continued the trend by getting not one but two more hole-in-ones on the 13th in 2000 and 2004.   Who’ll be the next Dunmore?  We’ll keep you posted.

Left-handed hitting Neil Sawatzky led the field with a one under par 35, a stroke better than the even par 36’s scored by Ward Hutchins, Brian Humphreys, Kyle Humphreys and Joe DiGiorgio.  Also, finishing with impressive rounds of one over par 37 were Ryan Harder and Ryan Peltier.   Another stroke back at 38 was a group including Kyle Kudroch, Derek Dimenna, Hayden Hodgson, Matt Taouil and Scott Wilkinson.

Neil Harms and Terry McLaughlin tied for low net scores with five under par net 31’s, while Herman Bergen, Joe DiGiorgio, Neil Sawatzky and Matt Taouil were all a shot back net 32.  Derek Dimenna, Mike Harris, Ryan Harder and Ryan Peltier tied for seventh place with three under par net 33’s.

It was a big evening for skins with a total of 11 paying out.  Gross skin winners included Hayden Hodgson, Ward Hutchins, Raoul Morin, Tim Tiessen Neil Sawatzky and, naturally, Greg Dunmore, while Mike Harris had two net skins and Kevin Kantati, Terry McLaughlin and Jason Tiessen each picked up singles. 

In the overall Team play competition, the Bogey Men have stretched their first play lead to 10 points with a total of 84 compared to 74 for the second place teams of Complete & Putter Madness and the Foot Wedge Crew.  Sitting alone in fourth spot with 69 points is Par Then Bar, while Mulligan Island is next at 67 and the Cinderella Story is another point back at 66. 

To follow the complete list of the League’s weekly results and find out more about upcoming Matches, simply go to: www.erieshoresgolf.com and click on the “Official Thursday Night Men’s League Website”. 

Jul 3, 2020 | Posted by Anonymous Author

Week 3 Coming in Hot!

With the third week underway in the Leamington Canadian Tire Men’s Thursday Night League at Erie Shores Golf Club, where 120 golfers are signed up to play this season, Ward Hutchins led the way on this scorcher of a day firing a one under par 35 to finish one stroke ahead of Brian Humphreys and Lucas Raffoul who both shot even par rounds of 36.  

Five players tying for fourth spot with one over par rounds of 37 included Greg Dunmore, Matt Dick, Anthony Andary, Nick Colasanti and Wheaton Mouch.   Mario Sonego, Ryan Harder, Kyle Humphreys and Ken Cobby all finished another shot back tied for ninth place at two over par 38.

Low net honours were shared by Anthony Andary and Lucas Raffoul who both had 5 under par net 31’s.   Greg Dunmore and Mario Sonego were another stroke back with four under par net 32’s while Matt Taouil, Mike Harris, Mark Szarek, Matt Dick, Neil Harms, Derrick Hutchins, Reg Morin and Wayne Oehlerking all finished tied for fifth place with 3 under par net 33’s.

In the skins department there were only four winners.  Two gross skins included an eagle 3 on the par 5 tenth hole by Joe DiGiorgio and birdie 3 on the par 4 seventeenth hole by Derek Dimenna.   Two net skin winners featured an eagle 3 on the fifteenth hole by Kyle Quick and an eagle 1 by Cameron Higgins on the sixteenth hole.

In the overall Team play, the Bogey Men continue to lead the way with 63 points, while Par Then Bar are four back at 59.  The Cinderella Story are sitting in third place at 56 with Complete and Putter Madness two points behind at 54.
Foot Wedge Crew are in fifth spot at 52 and Mulligan Island are another 7 points back at 45.  Fringe Players are right behind at 44, while Slice and Dice are coasting 6 points back at 38 which puts them ahead of the remaining two teams Natural Hazards and the Worm Burners sitting at 34 and 27.


Jun 16, 2020 | Posted by Ryan Peltier

Draft Night on Friday

We will be conducting a live draft for teams on Friday night.  The Golf Shop will be selecting teams this season with limits on social gatherings.  We are really excited to kick off another year of Thursday Night Men's League.


Quick reminder that we the tee time block from 2:30PM - 6:30PM is open ONLY to league members!

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This Week's Hi-Lights...

Low Team


Worm Burners


Complete and Putter Madness

Mulligans Island

Low Gross


Neil Sawatzky


Joe Moavro

Low Net


Jim Wiebe

Mike Herbert


Gross Flight +5 to 3.0

Skin Value: $15.00

Kyle Humphreys

Wheaton Mouck

Neil Sawatzky

Gross Flight 4.0 to 6.0

Skin Value: $11.25

Lee Mackenzie

Joe Moavro

Wayne Oehlerking

Wray Pollock

Net Flight 7.0 to 30.0

Skin Value: $11.25

Dylan Bekaan

Abe Bergen

Pete Fehr

Nick Sawatzky

Last Players Score Entered 3 days 7 hours ago

Official Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Derek Dimenna $127.5
2 Derek Horop $90
3 Neil Sawatzky $75
4 Ward Hutchins $71.25
5 Hayden Hodgson $67.5
T6 Wayne Gillett $54
T6 Greg Dunmore $54
T6 Lucas Raffoul $54
9 Tim Tiessen $52.5
T10 Kyle Humphreys $48.75
T10 Phil Cornies $48.75
T12 Adam Wiens $45
T12 Dylan Taylor $45
T12 Wayne Oehlerking $45
T12 Lee Mackenzie $45
T12 Kevin Babkirk $45
T12 Mitch Amicone $45
18 Mike Harris $40.5
T19 Mike MacKinnon $37.5
T19 Kevin Sawatzky $37.5
T19 Kyle Quick $37.5
T19 Dave Dick $37.5
T19 Jerry Meloche $37.5
24 Brian Humphreys $30
T25 Ryan Peltier $26.25
T25 Cameron Higgins $26.25
T27 Ken Cobby $22.5
T27 Steven Georges $22.5
T27 Kyle Kudroch $22.5
T27 Nick Sawatzky $22.5
T27 Ryan Harder $22.5
T27 Wray Pollock $22.5
T27 Paul Bunnett-Jones $22.5
T27 Joe DiGiorgio $22.5
35 Jason Tiessen $20.25
T36 Raoul Morin $15
T36 Joe Schnekenburger $15
T36 Mike Diab $15
T36 Dylan Bekaan $15
T36 George Bergen $15
T36 Matt Dick $15
T36 Pete Reimer $15
T43 Nick Colasanti $11.25
T43 Scott Wilkinson $11.25
T43 Brian Turner $11.25
T43 Dan Musuronchan $11.25
T43 Wheaton Mouck $11.25
T43 Joe Moavro $11.25
T43 Connor MacKinnon $11.25
T43 Don Gemmell $11.25
T51 Tery McLaughlin $9
T51 Mario Sonego $9
T51 Greg Zimney $9
T51 Kevin Kantati $9
T55 Brian Plumb $0
T55 Jamie Mastronardi $0
T55 Wayne Quinn $0
T55 Matt Raffoul $0
T55 John Rutgers $0
T55 Claudio Sabelli $0
T55 Mark Szarek $0
T55 Justin Szpuniarski $0
T55 Van Tan $0
T55 Matt Taouil $0
T55 Duane Vlodarchyk $0
T55 Ralph Warkentin $0
T55 Joe Wolf $0
T55 Matt Quiring $0
T55 George Kir $0
T55 Tom Leckie $0
T55 Derrick Hutchins $0
T55 Brett Babkirk $0
T55 John Balkwill $0
T55 Paul Barnable $0
T55 Abe Bergen $0
T55 Herman Bergen $0
T55 John Bergen $0
T55 Rick Bergen $0
T55 Kevin Bunda $0
T55 Noah Chacko $0
T55 Sam Chacko $0
T55 Conor Chilvers $0
T55 Roger Cote $0
T55 Bob Dick $0
T55 Carl Grossi $0
T55 Bill Gherasim $0
T55 Brian Geddes $0
T55 Brian Ford $0
T55 Pete Fehr $0
T55 Geoff Dunmore $0
T55 Ted Dube $0
T55 Bobby Dick $0
T55 Mike Herbert $0
T55 Neil Harms $0
T55 Anthony Andary $0
T55 Dennis McDonald $0
T55 Brad Mellon $0
T55 Joe Morin $0
T55 Reg Morin $0
T55 Ian Munro $0
T55 Steve O'Hara $0
T55 Peter Neufeld-m $0
T55 Dave Owens $0
T55 John Penner $0
T55 Will Peters $0
Total Payout $1755