Welcome to the Canadian Tire Thursday Night Men's League 2019 Season

May 8, 2019 | Posted by Ryan Peltier

Official Team List for 2019

Here is the official team list for 2019.  We have moved to 10 teams from 6 and this has caused each team to have 11 or 12 players.  Participation is at a PREMIUM this year so don't let your team down!

Apr 4, 2019 | Posted by Ryan Peltier

Canadian Tire Thursday Night Men`s League Entry Form

Welcome to the 2018 edition of the Thursday Night Men’s League presented by Canadian Tire.  We are excited to continue one of the longest running men’s golf leagues in Canada.  We would like to thank Canadian Tire for their continued support as our title sponsor, as well as Speed Print and Jose’s Bar and Grill for their sponsorship of the weekly closest to the pin & long drive competitions.

We will be conducting a LIVE DRAFT on Thursday, May 2nd @ 7:30PM to select the teams for the upcoming season.  Captains will be selected and a draft will be held in the Restaurant using player data from previous seasons.  All players are encouraged to attend and meet the other golfers in our league.



Teams will consist of up to 10 players and will be selected based on 9 hole handicaps to maintain competitive balance.  Captains will be selected prior to the first league night and teams will be live drafted with the help of the Professional Staff.  Teams will play head-to-head matches in a round-robin format with the winners of each weekly match earning 10 points, 5 points per team if there is a tie and 0 for teams that lose.  

The team score each week will be determined by the total of one (2) low gross score & the four (3) lowest net scores posted by the team.  Participation is a big part of this format – teams receive 1 point for each participant who posts a score as long as the minimum number of players participate (5).  League handicaps are updated weekly by our software as scores are posted by participants.

Players must fill out and submit their official league scorecard to the Golf Shop upon completing play.


21 weeks of league play, 2 fun nights and banquet!  Weekly and year long prizes awarded!

First League Night & Live Draft – Thursday, May 2nd 
Fun Night #1 (Scramble) – Thursday, June 13th
Fun Night #2 (Scramble) – Thursday, August 15th 
Final League Night – Thursday, October 3th
Closing Banquet – Thursday, October 10th                

Prizes included in each fun night and closing banquet.  Dinner included at closing banquet.


The tee sheet is reserved from 2:30PM to 5:30PM every Thursday for league play.  You may play outside of this reserved window depending on tee time availability.

We are encouraging league members to purchase play pass cards to get the best deal.  Play pass cards do not expire.



Posted by: Golfer | May 3, 2019 08:55 AM

Any way we can play the back 9 more this year?

Canadian Tire Thursday Night Men's League Sponsors:

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This Week's Hi-Lights...

Low Team


Screw Balls


Duffers and Bluffers

Low Gross


Joe Moavro


Brian Humphreys

Low Net


Nick Sawatzky


Joe Moavro


Gross Flight +5 to 3.0

Skin Value: $35.00

Tim Tiessen

Gross Flight 4.0 to 6.0

Skin Value: $8.75

Walt Cherneski

Mike Herbert

Armand Mucci

Claudio Sabelli

Net Flight 7.0 to 30.0

Skin Value: $11.67

Pete Fehr

Nick Sawatzky (2)

Official Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Mike Ferreira $82.84
2 Nick Sawatzky $70.02
3 Tim Tiessen $64.16
4 George Kir $61.25
5 Wray Pollock $49.59
6 Paul Barnable $46.67
T7 Ward Hutchins $43.75
T7 Mike Herbert $43.75
9 Kyle Humphreys $43.17
10 Dan D'Alimonte $40.84
T11 Will Peters $35
T11 Darryl DiMilo $35
T11 Derek Horop $35
T11 Kevin Babkirk $35
T11 Bill Slater $35
T11 Matt Dick $35
17 Geoff Dunmore $33.25
18 Joe Moavro $32.09
T19 Greg Dunmore $29.17
T19 Scott Wilkinson $29.17
T19 Tery McLaughlin $29.17
T19 Phil Cornies $29.17
23 Jaydon Fetter $26.25
T24 Kevin Sawatzky $25.67
T24 Brian Santos $25.67
26 Jerry Meloche $24.5
27 Steven Georges $23.34
28 Mike Foster $23.33
T29 Dennis McDonald $20.42
T29 Claudio Sabelli $20.42
T29 Neil Harms $20.42
T29 Walt Cherneski $20.42
T33 Abe Bergen $18.67
T33 Dave Owens $18.67
T33 Wayne Gillett $18.67
T36 Armand Mucci $17.5
T36 Ken Cobby $17.5
T36 Dan Musuronchan $17.5
T36 Ralph Warkentin $17.5
T36 Pete Fehr $17.5
T36 Derrick Hutchins $17.5
T36 Brendan Fehr $17.5
T36 Mike MacKinnon $17.5
T44 Ryan Peltier $15.75
T44 Diedrich Reimer $15.75
T46 Brian Humphreys $12.83
T46 Joe DiGiorgio $12.83
T48 Bill Gherasim $11.67
T48 Brian Plumb $11.67
T48 Richard Jacobs $11.67
T48 Joe Morin $11.67
T48 Peter Neufeld-m $11.67
T48 Carl Grossi $11.67
T48 Vic Tiessen $11.67
T48 Bobby Dick $11.67
56 Matt Taouil $11.66
T57 Wayne Quinn $8.75
T57 Sam Chacko $8.75
T57 Richard Lowes $8.75
T57 Conor Chilvers $8.75
T57 Mauro Paglione $8.75
T62 Larry Lucier $7
T62 Raoul Morin $7
T62 Connor MacKinnon $7
T62 Kevin Bunda $7
T66 John Penner $5.83
T66 Tom Leckie $5.83
T68 Chris Cervini $0
T68 Paul Bunnett-Jones $0
T68 Kirk Bowman $0
T68 Lucas George $0
T68 Eugene Bouliane $0
T68 Nick Colasanti $0
T68 John Bergen $0
T68 George Bergen $0
T68 Mark Batemen $0
T68 John Balkwill $0
T68 Rick Bergen $0
T68 Roger Cote $0
T68 Stephen Danckaert $0
T68 Mike Diab $0
T68 Bob Dick $0
T68 Pete Reimer $0
T68 Ryan Harder $0
T68 Brian Higgins $0
T68 Robert Hudders $0
T68 Quinton Loop $0
T68 Reg Morin $0
T68 Steve O'Hara $0
T68 Vic Penner $0
T68 Augie Di Primio $0
T68 Matt Quiring $0
T68 Joe Schnekenburger $0
T68 Mario Sonego $0
T68 Mark Szarek $0
T68 Van Tan $0
T68 Tim Towle $0
T68 Greg Zimney $0
T68 Anthony Andary $0
Total Payout $1610.1