Bienvenue à la Saison Ladies League 2020 Season

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Welcome Back

Welcome to the Ladies League for 2020! The rules and important information about the league are posted below. Please make note of some changes to the rules and scoring to account for Covid-19. Happy Golfing! 


2020 Ladies’ League Rules & Scoring


  1. Competition is for the front nine holes only.  You must play with another player, but not necessarily someone signed up for League play.
    LEAGUE DATES:    July 9, 16, 23, 30

                August 6,13, 20, 27

  1. Play from the tees you selected at the beginning of the League (Yellow, Red or Combo). All putts must be holed. 
    ExceptionThe maximum score on any hole for your League score is your ESC maximum (double bogey plus the number of handicap strokes you get on the hole)
  2. Play Summer Rules when the daily cart rule is 90 degrees! If the rule is Cart Paths Only, within the General Area, you may lift, clean and place your ball (within an open scorecard length, no closer to the hole).
    Exception:  At all times in bunkers, you may lift, clean and place your ball in the nearest smooth spot in the bunker, no closer to the hole. After playing your shot, please try to smooth out area with your foot or club.
  3. Record/post your nine hole gross score by:
    1. Advising the staff member located outside the Pro Shop or;
    2. Using the ‘Post your League Score’ link located on the Ladies Golf Section website ( or;
    3. Using the QR code on the poster in the Pro Shop window.

Scores must be posted by 7:00 a.m. Friday to be included in the weekly results.

  1. Handicaps: The scoring system used for the League automatically calculates a separate handicap based on your 9 hole League scores.
  2. League Scoring:  Each League day, team scores are determined by the total of the 5 lowest net scores. Points for the first 5 League days will be awarded as follows:  First – 20 points; Second – 17 points; Third – 15 points; Fourth – 13 points. For the 6th and 7th weeks, points will be increased by 1.5 times to 30, 26, 23 and 20. On the final day, points will be doubled to 40, 34, 30, and 26.  Teams must have at least 5 players per League day to compete. If a team does not meet the 5 player minimum, it will be awarded the Fourth place points

    IMPORTANT: The players who do not count towards the team net score are still very important to the cause…teams earn one participation point for each player who completes nine holes and turns in a score… regardless of their performance (up to a maximum of 8 points).

    The points earned each League day will count toward the season long competition. The year-end prize money (aka Pro Shop credits) will be split among all members of the winning teams as follows:

1st 50%                    2nd     30%                    3rd   20%


  1. League Daily Prizes:  Each League day, the two teams with the best net scores will be awarded Pro Shop credits. The 1st place team will receive 60% of the available credits; the 2nd place team will receive the remaining 40%. The credits will be distributed to ALL members of these teams (even if they did not play that particular day).    
  2. Results Posting: Each League day, results will be posted on the Ladies’ League website. Scoring is posted throughout the day and can be viewed online. To access online scoring go to     
  3. Rain/Suspension of Play: If play is suspended, ranking for day will still be based on the 5 lowest net scores for each team. The day will be considered complete if three (3) teams have at least 5 scores posted for the day. If this requirement is not met, no points will be awarded and the Pro Shop credits will be rolled into the year-end prizes.



Last Rule… Play well, play often and have fun!

  Ladies League Commanditaires:

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IG Wealth Management

Dernier Score Inscrit des Joueurs 5 days 2 hours depuis

Pos. Nom Winnings
T1 Lori Eddy $9.6
T1 Marsha Denvir $9.6
T1 Peggy MacIsaac $9.6
T1 Marion Nelligan $9.6
T1 Joyce Neal $9.6
T1 Lorraine Kyle $9.6
T1 Sandra Van Hullenaar $9.6
T1 Joanne Leeming $9.6
T1 Lisa MacLennan $9.6
T1 Karen Van Luven $9.6
T1 Marlane Robertson $9.6
T12 Linda Jodoin $6.98
T12 Kristyn Westoby $6.98
T12 Erica Otaguro $6.98
T12 Janet Calderone $6.98
T12 Maureen Sorby $6.98
T12 Margaret Davey $6.98
T12 Denise Martins $6.98
T12 Cathy Boag $6.98
T12 Donna Cowan $6.98
T12 Mary Ellen Samson $6.98
T12 Judith King-Siganski $6.98
Total Payout $182.38