Welcome to the Ladies League 2019 Season

May 21, 2019 | Posted by Mary Ellen

Welcome Back

Welcome back Dundas Ladies!  We are excited to launch the 2019 Ladies League. Thanks to our unique web based scoring program, players can track their individual and team performance, and live scoring can be displayed on the Club TV's!

The idea behind the program is simple... the more you play - the better it is for you and your team.  The competition is for the first nine holes played only.  At the turn, simply record your nine hole gross score on the Ladies League Scoresheet located in the Pro Shop.   Important: You must play with at least one other player, but not necessarily someone signed up for League play.


Each League day, team scores are determined by the total of the 5 lowest net scores.  The 1st place team will receive 20 points, 2nd place will receive 17 points, 3rd place will receive 15 points, and 4th place will receive 13 points. The two teams with the best net scores will also be awarded Pro Shop credits. For the second to last day, points will be increased by 1.5 times to 30, 26, 23, and 20. On the final day, points will be doubled to 40, 34, 30, and 26.  Supporting your team is also a big part of the format  – each League day, teams receive 1 point for each player  who posts a score (to a maximum of 8).  At the end of the season, the team with the highest point total will be crowned the League champion. Members of the top three teams will receive additional Pro Shop credits.

One of the hi-lights of the program is the real-time scoring.  As the Pro Shop staff enter the scores, the standings, individual performances, team information and a bunch of other cool stuff is updated in real-time on the Internet.  If you can’t make it to the Club until later in the day, you can log onto the League website to see how your team is doing.  Another bonus is the program maintains a separate league handicap so it will be fair for everyone.  Handicaps are automatically updated and applied based solely on your League scores. Please note that you still have to enter your scores into the handicap computer as well. 

To really make this work, four enthusiastic women-- Katie Kerr (Queen Beaches), Rita Bezjak (Par Tee Gals), Flo Eddie (Cosmos), and Judith King-Siganski (Blue Bayou)-- have agreed to act as your captains for the 2019 season.  Their role is to "rally the troops", get as many of you as possible out to play (remember those participation points), and cheer on the team. Please support them in their efforts! 

  Ladies League Sponsors:

IG Wealth Management

IG Wealth Management

Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
T1 Mary Jane McHugh $94.73
T1 Marlyn Gardiner-Dean $94.73
T1 Judy Gregory $94.73
T1 Linda Jodoin $94.73
T1 Sandra Van Hullenaar $94.73
T1 Suzanne Primeau $94.73
T1 Rita Bezjak $94.73
T1 Mary Kean $94.73
T1 Lorraine Kyle $94.73
T1 Janice Holmes $94.73
T1 Maggie Trainor $94.73
T12 Margaret Davey $66.44
T12 Nancy Pearson $66.44
T12 Sue Glenny $66.44
T12 Flo Eddie $66.44
T12 Marion Nelligan $66.44
T12 Sandra Hughes $66.44
T12 Patti Beamsley $66.44
T12 Kay Werezak $66.44
T12 Marlane Robertson $66.44
T12 Lori Eddy $66.44
T12 Sandra Hamilton $66.44
T23 Katie Kerr $47.49
T23 Lynn Wagner $47.49
T23 Marg Cunningham $47.49
T23 Marsha Denvir $47.49
T23 Mary Ellen Samson $47.49
T23 Peggy MacIsaac $47.49
T23 Cathy Boag $47.49
T23 Joyce Neal $47.49
T23 Brooke Hutchings $47.49
T23 Denise Martins $47.49
T23 Sally Gauldie $47.49
T34 Sue Wesley-James $12.8
T34 Maureen Sorby $12.8
T34 Laura Robinson-Muise $12.8
T34 Sheila Collins $12.8
T34 Gail McQueen $12.8
T34 Marg Wagner $12.8
T34 Pat Kummer $12.8
T34 Janet Calderone $12.8
T34 Janet Roschuk $12.8
T34 Rita Bishop $12.8
T34 Judith King-Siganski $12.8
Total Payout $2436.06