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Aug 16, 2019 | Posted by Megan Bawn

Poker, Putting, and Pool

Catching up from two weeks away.  Thanks to Anne J. for guest blogging and Marie for managing the weekly games!


Aug 6th:

Poker Golf: Donna takes top spot with 5-of-a-kind in 4's.  Also with 5-of-a-kind was Carol Buckinski to take 2nd place (with 5's), and Barb (with 6's).  Consistent playing ladies!

Proximity: Congrats to Marie who had the closest to the pin shot.

Team vs Team: Bunker Bunnies and Chix with Stix won their matches.


Aug 13th:

Putt for Dough: Sharon had an impressive round with only 15 putts. Second place with 16 putts was Debby, Kendall, and Marie. Third place was Anne J. with 17.

Proximity: Carol Buchinski had an incredibly straight drive on #3, parking it right on the rope.

Team vs Team: Victory mine! by Chix with Stix, Chippengals, and Queens with Clubs.



Yep, another chance to win some cash.  Fantasy Golf pool for the CP Women's Open, with the team draft picks happening in the RedCrest Bistro on Tuesday nite (Aug 20th), at 7:30pm.  Wear your red and white to show your support for the 6 Canadians contending for this year's title.

Aug 6, 2019 | Posted by Anne-Marie Jessop

Simply the Best

Simply the Best!

Congrats to Barb T who had  "simply the best" best round last week with a score of 29. Honorable mention to Carol Bu with 30 and Orietta B with 32.

Our proximity winner for July 30th was Noelle A, closest to the pin on hole #8. 


Good luck to our match play winners from Round 1. Round 2 starts this week. 


Good golfing!

Jul 27, 2019 | Posted by Megan Bawn

Summer is getting busy!

Ok, so I'm a little behind on the updates.. so you're getting them in bulk :-)

July 16:  Bingo Bango Bongo Bonus:  winner was Jacqui with 23.  Lots of folks close ..with 22 points: Shirley & Katherine D, and with 21 points: Robbie, Anne J, & Cindy.  That's some pretty accurate play.  Well done ladies!

July 23: You vs The Course:  Nice to see lots of people were having a good game (I wasn't one of them), so we had four people with a total score of 7.. that's 7 holes where they played to net par or better!  The wiiners are Chris, Andrea, Karen, and Carol Buchinski.  Second place (with total of 6-up) was also tied by Irene, Cathy O, Lesley, and Kelly.

Proximity game was Longest Drive which was was made by Marie.

Match play is rolling along and the preliminary round is almost complete, with 4 of the 6 pools decided.  Fun to see that a few groups have opted to play a 3-way match to determine their pool winner all in one game.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the British Open Pool.  We had a nice pot of $340 that 17 people were vying for.  Yarinka Berto (who joined us from GTA chapter) cleaned up, winning both Day 1 and the Overall Winner by picking Shane Lowry.  Day 2, 3, & 4 winners were Anne S, Jeannette, and Lesley. Perhaps we'll do this again for the CP Women's Open, so make sure you're up on the LPGA players.

I'm away on vacation for the next two weeks, so look for guest blogger Anne to fill this space. Happy golfing!

Jul 15, 2019 | Posted by Megan Bawn

Were you Chipper?

Team vs Team:

Bunker Bunnies went low to beat out Chippengals. Birdie Bunch and Queens with Clubs also won their matches.


Closest to the Pin: Jacqui "Pin Seeker" Mutch


Chipper Chicks:  Congrats to Donna for an impressive 18 total strokes inside 50 yards.  Hot on her heels was Andrea with 20.  Cathy O. and Megan tied for 3rd, but honourable mention has to go to Cathy for taking ZERO 'inside-50' strokes on #1. What a nice hole-out that must have been!


Remember the British Open Pool starts on Tuesday, July 16th, with our Draft Pick event starting at 7:30pm in the bistro.  There is a share of the pot available each day of play, not just on the the final day, so lots of chances to win $$$ !


Good luck to everyone who are playing their matches.


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