Welcome to the 1000 Islands Toyota Tuesday Men's League 2020 Season

June 16 2020 Winners

Jun 16, 2020 | Posted by Gary Lalonde

Current Money List as of June 16th 2020

Rank Player Payout
T1 Travis Wing 1500
T1 Casey MacDonald 1500
T1 Jim Loomis 1500
T1 Adam Folco 1500
T1 Kyle Atkins 1500
T6 Michael Humes 1000
T6 Pierre Atchison 1000
T6 Jerry Forbes 1000
T6 Gary Bruce 1000
T6 Paul Bisson 1000


Adam Folo's Team The Shooter McGavins  179.1

Gary Bruces Team The ACI Sparkies  AKA the fuse Blowers   LOL  180.7





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Last Players Score Entered 16 hours 42 minutes ago

Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
T1 Travis Wing $4500
T1 Adam Folco $4500
3 Brian Harper $3000
T4 David K Thomas $2500
T4 John Rennick $2500
T6 Martin Gysbers $2000
T6 Stephen Emery $2000
T6 Kevin Beattie $2000
T9 Bill Whiteford $1500
T9 Kyle Atkins $1500
T9 Evan Cranshaw $1500
T9 Mark Henderson $1500
T9 Steve Henry $1500
T9 Andrew Holowack $1500
T9 Rodney Keary $1500
T9 McLean Koekkoek $1500
T9 Steve Leeder $1500
T9 Jim Loomis $1500
T9 Casey MacDonald $1500
T9 Mike Paquette $1500
T9 Mark Peacock $1500
T9 Tyler Read $1500
T9 Tim Webb $1500
T24 Mike Bauder $1000
T24 Paul Bisson $1000
T24 Gary Bruce $1000
T24 Jeff Carter $1000
T24 Paul Darby $1000
T24 Jerry Forbes $1000
T24 Matt Ward $1000
T24 Alan Heyman $1000
T24 A.J. Howe $1000
T24 Michael Humes $1000
T24 Kristopher Kluke $1000
T24 Scott Moore $1000
T24 Rocci Pagnello $1000
T24 Steve Read $1000
T24 Brad Snelling $1000
T24 Brian VanMierlo $1000
T24 Pierre Atchison $1000
Total Payout $62500