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Aug 21, 2019 | Posted by Gary Lalonde

 BCC  Tuesday Men's League   
Week of :  August-20-19
Closest to the Pin # 9 David Thomas  aka (DKT)
Closest to the Pin # 17 A J Howe  aka (Howie)
Longest Putt # 9  
Longest Putt # 17  
1st LOW GROSS Dale Watts
1st LOW NET Mark Henderson
TEAM Winners  1st place $10.00 The Shooter McGavins
TEAM Winners 2nd place  $7.50 Playing fore B's
THANKS TO THIS WEEKS SPONSOR; Retired Secondary Teachers


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Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Adam Folco $65000
2 Matthew Wing $47500
T3 Brian Arthur $37500
T3 Dale Watts $37500
T3 Keith Fraser $37500
T6 Shane Melcher $35000
T6 David Dargie $35000
T6 David Flood $35000
T6 Mike Fingard $35000
T10 Dustin Nizman $27500
T10 Colin Marriott $27500
T12 Brad Snelling $25000
T12 Jerry Forbes $25000
T12 Doug Locke $25000
T12 Gary Lalonde $25000
T16 Michael O'Shaughnessy $20000
T16 A.J. Howe $20000
T16 Mike Graham $20000
T16 Martin Gysbers $20000
T16 Brian Harper $20000
T16 Russell Brown $20000
T16 Ken LeBlanc $20000
T16 Robert Olson $20000
T24 Rodney Keary $17500
T24 Steve Read $17500
T24 Jonathan Walker $17500
T24 Steve Earle $17500
T24 Jim Elsasser $17500
T24 Jay Webb $17500
T24 Howard McDonald $17500
T24 Stephen Mazurek $17500
T24 Douglas Knight $17500
T33 Devin Van Blitterswyk $15000
T33 Mark Henderson $15000
T33 Brandon Noseworthy $15000
T33 Alan Perry $15000
T33 Mike Paquette $15000
T33 Tom Harrington $15000
T39 Micheal Molson $10000
T39 David Hain $10000
T39 Marc Fortin $10000
T39 Kevin Harper $10000
T39 Bill Whitfield $10000
T39 Rocci Pagnello $10000
T45 Pierre Atchison $7500
T45 Mike Bauder $7500
T45 Kevin Beattie $7500
T45 Paul Bisson $7500
T45 Paul Darby $7500
T45 Shane Easter $7500
T45 Brent Ellis $7500
T45 Tim Froats $7500
T45 Rick Fry $7500
T45 Ian Nussey $7500
T45 Steve Hebbs $7500
T45 Steven Howe $7500
T45 Harry Jones $7500
T45 Ken Jordan $7500
T45 David Keenleyside $7500
T45 Carson Kilpatrick $7500
T45 Raymond Lumsden $7500
T45 Mark Mazurek $7500
T45 David Thomas $7500
T45 John Ackerman $7500
Total Payout $1137500