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May 14th Results

May 15, 2018 | Posted by Aaron

Another strong turn out coupled with some summer weather made for a great Monday evening.  Thanks to everyone who came out today.

And with that we'll dive straight into the prizes.


Team Prizes

1st - 2 Outta 8: Dozen of TaylorMade TP5

Colin Clarke, Mike Smith, Claude Vilgrain, Dwayne Murray, Sean Brown


We had a tie for second place and a few tie breakers later it was left to the random number generator to break the tie which went to:


2nd - One Les Too Many: Two Sleeves of TaylorMade Project (a)

Jonathan Yung, Les Turner, Adam Trudeau, Mark Donaldson, John Blinkie, Adrian Lagan


Low Net Stableford

1st: Adicross Classic Shoes - Mike Hiltz

2nd: Dozen Titleist Pro V1 - Mike Smith

3rd: TaylorMade Hat & Stratus Glove - Chris McCallum


Low Gross Stableford

1st: Adidas ULT 365 Shorts - Jonathan Yung

2nd: Dozen TaylorMade TP5 - Jeff Nichols

3rd: Two Sleeves of TaylorMade TP5 - Shane Goodwin


Hole Prizes: TaylorMade TP Flex Glove

Closest To The Pin #7 - Mike Schwarz

Long Putt #9 - Jay McConnell

Long Putt #15 - John Finney

Closest To The Pin - Shea Pickering


Western Pizza Closest To The Hole

Mark Harris


Deuce Pot

Front: Shea Pickering (Hole 7) - $68

Back: Carry Over (Hole 16) - $52


Thanks for a great evening guys.  It was great to be out here on a Monday and get to meet everyone.  Hope you all enjoyed yourself and we'll see you back again on the 28th.




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Proxy Winners for September 24th

Sleeve TP5


Closest to the Pin #5

Neil Moffatt


Closest to the Pin #16



Longest Putt #7

Ryan Huggan


Longest Putt #12

Richard Oga


Closest to the Pin for Pizza #7

Claude Vilgrain