Welcome to the Tuesday Night Men's League 2019 Season

Sep 10, 2019 | Posted by Kenny Roy

September 10th

Thanks to everyone who came out and go their match play in and to the 12 others who braved the cold even though it ended up being not that bad of a night!


Kevin Ovens 1        
      Kevin Ovens 1  
Chaince Pedersen 32      
Jared Anderson 11          
      Jared Anderson 11  
Nando DeGirolamo 22      
Marc Francescangeli 14      
      Cam Cunnings 19  
Cam Cunnings 19        
Mark Bergmann 8          
      Darren Jones 25    
Darren Jones 25          
Dennis Peters 2        
      Dennis Peters 2  
Garry Tink 31        
Tyson Beaton 16        
      Tyson Beaton 16  
Gary Martinson 17        
Jeff Kuropatwa 12        
      Dwayne Schjefte 21  
Dwayne Schjefte 21        
Grant Kanwischer 7        
      Robin Dugas 26  
Robin Dugas 26        
Kevin Godfrey 3        
      Kevin Godfrey 3  
Tom Saxton 30        
Gerard Klotz 15        
      Gerard Klotz 15  
Adam Paolucci 18        
Greg Squire 10        
      Sheldon Chomistek 23
Sheldon Chomistek 23      
Brad Robertson 6        
      Brad Robertson 6  
Graham Yarwood 27      
Trevor Hamilton 4        
      Trevor Hamilton 4  
Jayson Deck 29        
Einar Gustafson 9        
      Chris Scher 24  
Chris Scher 24        
Zak Richardson 13        
      Zak Richardson 13  
Blake Berges 20        
David Eagleton 5        
      Norbert Czypionka 28
Norbert Czypionka 28      




Here is the breakdown of the matches and who is moving on , i will be sending out an email thursday with tee times and matches!!


again big thanks to everyone who came out.



Kenny Roy


In addition  here are the tuesday night members who lost the first round of the match play  and have won a consolation prize better luck next year :) 


  AdiBold Shirt + Tp5 Sleeve
1 Chaince Pedersen  
2 Nando DeGirolamo  
3 Marc Francesangeli  
4 Mark Bergmann  
5 Garry Tink  
6 Gary Martinson  
7 Jeff Kuropatwa  
8 Grant Kanwischer  
9 Tom Saxton  
10 Adam Paolucci  
11 Greg Squire  
12 Graham Yarwood  
13 Jayson Deck  
14 Einar Gustafson  
15 Blake Berges  
16 David Eagleton  

Sep 3, 2019 | Posted by Kenny Roy

September 3rd Results

Good Evening Tuesday Mens and welcome back after a long weekend toooo SEPTEMBER !! We are on our final months of Mens League! We had 81 guys out tonight which is a solid outing thanks for everyone who was out!


Next week match play top 32 will begin to play for the ultimate mens league champion! I will be following up with an email later this week with tee times/ matches and who made the top 32 who could commit for the entire playoffs!


and now onto tonights winners:



Low Net:


Ed Harris Taylormade 3 or 5 wood
Bruce Richardson Titleist Bag
Bob Swindells Adi Bounce shoes
Gary Martinson dozen pro v1
James Beebe dozen z star
Trevor Tjostheim 1 tp glove
Kevin Godfrey 1 tp glove



Low Gross:

Kyle Little Adi bounce shoes
Bryon Black dozen z star
Brent Breeze 2 slv z star


Thanks for another great week we will see you next week:



Your league Coordinator



Aug 27, 2019 | Posted by Kenny Roy

August 27th Results

Hellllooo Tuesday and welcome to another fantastic week this was by far one of the nicest nights we have had!!! We had 95 guys out tonight a great turnout ! We have one more week of regular season play before we start the 32 man match play . Our teams will still continue to compete for the remainder of the season for our league champion team. This friday I will be sending out the top 32 guys who made it to the top with points, now with that being said I must get a rsvp to the match play which means you must be able to make each week for the remainder of the season as well as be able to play between 4-5 each week to get in a full 18 holes if you cannot commit you must resign and allow for someone else who can qualify to take your place. Any questions feel free to contact the golf shop or myself !!  Best of Luck and i cannot believe we are into September next week this season has been amazing and im glad to be a part of it !!


and now to the good stuff:



Low Net:


1st Stacey Campbell Taylormade Putter
2nd Brian Hosler Adidas Tour 360 sl shoes
3rd Jason Paton Taylormade Wedge
4th Darren King Adicross Bounce Shoes
5th Chaince Pederson Dozen TP5 +Taylormade hat
6th Ken Olausen Dozen Pro V1
7th Kevin Ovens Dozen TP5
8th Scott McGovern Blue Devil Hat
9th Sheldon Chomistek TP GLOVE
10th Zak Richardson TP Glove



Low Gross:


1st Trevor Hamilton Taylormade Wedge
2nd Mike Gagne Adicross Bounce Shoes
3rd Brent Breeze Dozen Pro V1

Aug 20, 2019 | Posted by Kenny Roy

Aug 20th Results



Going to keep this short and sweet guys, thanks for everyone who came out we had 83 guys out which is awesome ! weather was so amazing enjoy this while we can!


In regards to the playoffs I will be in touch this week with the format whos placed where etc.. it will be a 5 week playoff format and I will be in touch with all the details !



now the results:


Low Net:

Dean Davies T-Made Copper Putter/2 dzn prov1
Ken Arthur Titleist Bag/Pro v1 dzn
Norbert Czypionka Taylormade Wedge
Rob Patyna ppf adi shoes
Tom Smith dzn Pro v1
Allan Atkins dzn Pro v1
Chris Shea adidas polo
Chris Scher adidas polo
Jared Anderson 1 Tm Glove
Rainer Czypionka 1 Tm Glove
Rick Gardner 1 Tm Glove
Robin Dugas 1 Tm Glove



Low Gross:


Grant Kanwischer Ppf Adi Shoes
Tyson Beaton dozen pro v1
Dennis Peters adidas polo



Thanks Everyone see you next week


Kenny Roy



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2019 Tuesday Night Men's League

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