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September 19th Men's Night

Sep 19, 2018 | Posted by Carter Grosart

Hello everyone, thanks for an awesome turnout tonight! With the playoffs on I saw lots of you out playing and the scores were solid. For the first matchup we had the Green Masters up against The Bogeymen and had The Bogeymen scoring a crazy 57 Stableford points to take the win. In the second matchup we had This is Our Year playing Dude where's my Par where Dude where's my Par took the win based on a countback which accounted for total team points on the night!


For next week we will have The Cart Path Heroes up againt The bogeymen and The Jet Setters up against Dude where's my par for a chance to make it to the finale!!


For the prizes tonight it was the top three net and low gross:


Low Net:

First Place - Dozen TP5 - Dick Olver

Second Place - Taylormade Hat & Sleeve TP5 - Jim Reburn

Third Place - Two Sleeves TP5 - Pete Vettori


Low Gross:

First Place - Dozen TP5 - Dave Tomczyk


Thanks for another great week and see everyone soon,




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