Welcome to the Wednesday Night Member's League 2018 Season

May 16, 2018 | Posted by Carter Grosart

May 16th - Final Results

Hello everyone. Thanks for the great turnout today as we had 40 out of 48 guys. Looked like it was a little breezy but there were still some good scores never the less! 


First of all I just need to ask a favour of everyone. If you guys could put first and last name, tees that you played and add up your scores for the nine. With all of the new people around this year it would help out a lot. 

Another note is that if you play a Blue/White combo it will be counted as white because we do not have any way to score a combo tee.


With all of that being said lets get to prizes. First things first congratulations to Dave Bissett on winning the duece pot with a birdie on hole 7 taking home $172.00. We are going to do a team prize and low gross and two low net.


Winning team receiving a sleeve of TP5 Balls - The Jetsetters

Larry Hanson, Dave Bissett, Ron Ellis, Blaine Titterington, Tim Gibson, Paul Alexander and John Whittle.

Low Gross: Two Sleeves TP5- Dave Tomczyk


Low Net: 

1st Place, Adidas Polo- Dave Bissett

2nd Place, TP Glove and sleeve of TP5 Balls- Dick Shaw

3rd Place, Live Lucky Hat- Darryl Burton


Thanks everyone, see you next week!!

May 9, 2018 | Posted by Carter Grosart

May 9th Results

Hello everyone. Incredible turnout today given the weather and we actually managed to have it count. Thank you to the 27 players that made it out today you are a lot braver than I am.


For this weeks prizes we will be award the winning team and the two best net scores.


Winning team: Green Masters. You guys will be taking an Adidas Hat each.

Congrats to Rick McKnight, Ron Gilbert, Dave Tomczyk, Ray Drobot and Salty Bill.


1st Low Net: Taylormade Hat- Frank Freckleton

2nd Low Net: Sleeve of TP5 Balls- Kevin Handspiker


The Duece Pot was carried over again this week and is now up to 108$.


Thanks again for coming out tonight guys, hopefully we can get some better weather next week!


May 2, 2018 | Posted by Carter Grosart

Welcome Back - May 2nd Results

Welcome Back Guys!

I just wanted to thank everyone for coming out today to start off another great Wednesday Men's Night! I am looking forward to taking care of you guys for this season and if you had any questions at all don't hesitate to ask. With tonight being the first week it may take a few weeks for the handicaps to be completely dialed but as we move forward it should be more accurate.


With that being said we have decided to award the winning team, low net and low gross.

Each member of the winning team will receive a Taylormade Stratus Tech Glove

The winning team was: Dude Wheres My Par

Terry Carr, Greg Joneson, Kevin Maloney, Habib Sawaya and Pete Vettori


Low Gross

Dozen TP5 Golf Balls- Dave Tomczyk

Low Net

Dozen TP5 Golf Balls- Habib Sawaya


The Duece Pot is a carry over (there was not a single two made this week)


Thanks guys and we will see everyone next week!





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Proxy Winners for May 7th


Hole 1 - Closest to the Pin in 2:

Adam Trudeau


Hole 13 - Closest to the Pin in 2:

Gerard Philpott


Hole 4 - Long Putt

Claude Vilgrain


Hole 11 - Long Putt

Kevin Lausberg


Hole 16- KP presented by Western Pizza

Paul Dixon


 Duece Pot

Paul Dixon Hole 5

Jim Durham Hole 12

$132 Each

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