Welcome to the B.M.L. Western Conference 2019 Season

Aug 20, 2019 | Posted by Josh Malott

Week 16 Results

Week 16 results are now posted.  No more scorecards will be accepted.

CASH DRAW WINNER: Gaynor Chittle


To view the standings, please look under "season" and click on "standings" 

To view skin winners, please look under "skins".  

Please note:  All money will be handed out at the year end banquet.  It's too difficult hanging on to it for weeks at a time if someone misses a week and breaking $100 bills into coin is problematic as well.  To view the money list, click on "Statistics" then "2019 Season" and then "Money" on the far right.  This will put the money list in order.  If you want to see what you have won and when you won it, click on your name and then "view payouts for 2019"



Apr 19, 2019 | Posted by Joshua Malott

League Information & Dates to Remember

The Belleview Men's League is divided up into two different conferences.  The Eastern Conference plays every Wednesday morning and the Western Conference plays every Thursday afternoon after 4pm.  The B.M.L. is a 9 hole league, but players have the option of playing 18 holes with the league 9 alternating each week.  For more information on league format, rules and cost, please click on the links below.


LEAGUE FORMAT                                 




Dates to Remember!

League Starts: Thursday May 2nd
For those that are new to the league, I need at least 2 x 9 hole scores prior to this date in order to start your handicap.  Contact me if this is an issue.  Before this date, please book your own tee time if you plan on playing.

Club Event:  Spring Classic Scramble – Saturday May 11th
This is Belleview’s first club event for the year.  If anyone is interested in playing in it or if you would like more information click here

Club Event: Club Championship – Saturday June 29th, Saturday July 27th & August 24th.
This event is only open to members, league members, staff and package holders.  It is set up similar to the FedEx Cup.  For more information click here

League Fun Day – Thursday July 4th
Once again we will be doing a four man scramble in which each player can only have 3 clubs in their bag.  As this date approaches I will put up more information.

Club Event: Challenge 54 – Saturday July 20th
This is my favourite club event of the year!  I encourage everyone to click here to get more information on this event

League Field Day: Sunday July 28th @ Willow Ridge Golf Club (Blenheim)
This is where the Eastern Conference goes head to head against the Western Conference in a Ryder Cup type format.  Again, more information will be posted as this date approaches.  GO BLUE!

League Playoffs Start: Thursday September 12th
Top 8 in each conference will go on to compete for the league title.  Everyone else will be placed into two man teams to compete for the team championship.

Club Event:  Fall Classic Scramble – Saturday October 5th
This is Belleview’s last club event for the year and runs similar to the Spring Classic Scramble.   As the date approaches, registration forms will be added

League Banquet – Saturday October 12th
We will be doing a 2pm Shot Gun once again.  Golf is FREE, cart is extra.  We will be having a Chicken and Rib dinner following the golf as well as handing out awards and giving out prizes.


Want Lower League Dues?

As you can see, we have advertising on the website now.  So if you can collect a sponsor for the webpage, I will take $50 off of your league dues!  For more information, click here


2019 B.M.L. Schedule

Below is the schedule for the year.  Don't forget to come hang out in the lounge after your round. I will be waiting for your scorecard. Everyone has 10 minutes to spare and no purchases are required.  It just allows me and everyone else to get to know one another and it just makes the league a lot more fun.  Also, the cash draw is tied to you showing your face.  SO JUST DO IT!

Time   Name Name Name Name
4:16   Pat Laport Jeff Laport Darren Bombardier Stephen Lee
4:24   Bob Stacey Ron Dumochelle Josh Malott Don McDermott
4:32   Jim Lemire Dylan Freemen Jason Pongracz Jason McKeen
4:40   Dave Lamarsh Mike Ferenczy Kevin Scratch Dan Tremblay
4:48   Cory Baiano Gaynor Chittle John Baiano Chris Spanswick
4:56   Brande Norman Kevin Robitaille Guest  Guest 
5:04   Rick Omdal Mike Kowaluk Chris Rivait Dave Glendenning
5:12   Dave Bissonnette Shawn Lemire Mike Ostrander Jim Ostrander
5:20   Richard Thornton Mike Worotny Mike Rounding Frank Bosse
5:28   Bob Mann Bob Mugridge Dave Frazier Shawn Clifford
5:36   Chris Drouillard Marcel Chittle Frank Vincent Peter Brownie


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This Week's Hi-Lights...

High Stableford (Gross)


Bob Mugridge


Mike Ostrander


Jason McKeen

Joshua Malott

High Total Points (Net)


Bob Mugridge


Brande Norman


Jason McKeen

Mike Ostrander

Special Prizes
Name Payout Reason
Gaynor Chittle $25 Wk 16 Cash Draw Winner

Last Players Score Entered 4 days 4 hours ago

Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Dick Thornton $125
2 Ron Dumochelle $91.67
3 Gaynor Chittle $90.48
4 Chris Rivait $79.17
T5 Mike Ferenczy $75.01
T5 Dave Frazer $75.01
7 Bob Mugridge $73.81
8 Peter Browne $66.67
9 Frank Bosse $62.5
T10 Shawn Lemire $58.34
T10 Pat Laport $58.34
12 Rick Omdal $57.14
13 Jim Ostrander $50
14 Marcel Chittle $48.81
T15 Shawn Clifford $37.5
T15 Mike Ostrander $37.5
17 Chris Spanswick $36.67
18 Kevin Robitaille $35
19 Dave Lamarsh $29.17
20 Frank Vincent $26.67
T21 Jason McKeen $25
T21 Mike Rounding $25
23 Bob Stacey $22.5
24 Stephen Lee $16.67
25 John Baiano $14.28
26 Dan Tremblay $7.14
T27 Dave Glendenning $0
T27 Jeff Laport $0
T27 Jim Lemire $0
T27 Bob Mann $0
T27 Brande Norman $0
T27 Jason Pongracz $0
T27 Kevin Scratch $0
T27 Mike Worotny $0
T27 Cory Baiano $0
T27 Mike Kowaluk $0
T27 Dave Bissonnette $0
T27 Darren Bombardier $0
T27 Chris Drouillard $0
T27 Dylan Freemen $0
T27 Joshua Malott $0
Total Payout $1325.05