Welcome to the Ladies Day 2019 Season

Ladies Opening Night

May 1, 2019 | Posted by rjm

Welcome to the 2019 Ariss Valley Ladies Day


Spring is here and that means it's time to fill your calendar with golf. Our leagues are up and running and are sure to be a good time for all levels of golfers.  As in 2018 our Ladies League will be on Wednesday.

Each week you will play a different nine holes and submit your score for your team, handicapping and awesome prizes. There are also prizes for each hole on the nine you play!  Don’t forget to enter the 50/50 draw each week as the proceeds go to support our prizes and year end Final.

A huge THANK YOU to all of our Sponsors.  Be sure to think of them when you might need the services they provide.

Come as a single or bring the group… see you at the course!


Attention League players!!

On behalf of Ariss Valley we would like to address some additional rules that all league players should be aware of...

Rain out Policy

On league nights if we have less than 20 players on the course (ie. due to the weather conditions) that particular week for the league will not count as an official date. Scores that any player submitted during a week where a rain out is determined will not count and cannot be used for the following week or in replace of the previous weeks score. In the case of a rain out the league website will be updated to notify players that less than 20 players had showed up and therefore that week was cancelled.

Finalizing Scores

Most scores for the Men’s or Ladies league nights are posted the same day within hours of players finishing their rounds. We ask that you please log into our league site www.golfscoring.net before 12pm the day after your league day to ensure your score is entered in correctly or if there is anything you have questions or concerns about so we can address them and ensure everything is correct. After 12pm the day after your league night scores will be FINALIZED and no changes will be made to any scores that have been entered for that particular week.

Prizes Per holes Each Night

As many of you are aware there are prizes to be won on the 9 holes played for each league night. To determine how many prizes can be won each week we will use the following:

20+ players on the course will result in full prizes …. ie 1 prize per hole

12-20 players on the course will result in 3 prizesà 2 closest to the pin and 1 closest to the 150 yard marker

<12 players on the course will result in no prizes for that particular week.

Finally, with hopes of better weather, make sure to enjoy yourself here at Ariss Valley and take advantage of the cold beverages and warm food.


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This Week's Hi-Lights...

Low Team


Team Sleeman


Team Donna Doouss Realty

Team Molson Coors

Low Gross


Marg Johnson


Bonnie Roszell

Marg DeJong

Low Net


Doris Hack


Elise Llewellyn

Ladies Day Sponsors:

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